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The La Chaumière restaurant offers traditional cuisine and regional Burgundy specialities, which you can enjoy in the dining room or on the terrace.

The La Chaumière restaurant in Villegusien-le-Lac subtly combines authenticity and modernity, both in the dishes and in the atmosphere of its room! At La Chaumière, local and regional specialities take pride of place, as do homemade dishes. Among our specialities: the homemade country terrine and parsley ham from Burgundy or the chicken aiguillettes with Langres sauce: a treat for the taste buds!

Guests can also relax with a drink in the bar.

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Some local suppliers for our menu

Vaux sous Aubigny

Fax: 03 25 84 23 23

Manufacture of Langres and Epoisses cheese.
A speciality of our region, recognized as a Controlled Designation of Origin, Langres cheese is made according to traditional recipes. Its orange-yellow rind has a light yellow paste, with a moderate taste that asserts itself with age. A bowl called a “fountain” hollows out the top of the cheese. This peculiarity, which can be likened to the shape of the ramparts surrounding the city of Langres, gives it this characteristic aspect.


Champagne Mocquart - Esmard Jean-Pierre & Fils

Winemakers from father to son for 3 generations


Phone: 03 25 02 03 90

Located a few kilometers from Colombey les deux Eglises, Argentolles a village of character, is one of the stages of the “Champagne tourist route”. We invite you to taste a winegrower's champagne produced according to the purest Champagne tradition.


Gwenaëlle De Grouchy

Suxy farm


Phone: 03 25 90 22 27

This farm, located on the Dijon-Langres axis 2 km from the Relais Saint Michel, supplies us with eggs, amongst other things.


Multiferm of Val d'Esnoms

The Multiferm du Val between Langres and Dijon offers farm products .

A collective project of direct sale of farm products created by 14 associated producers in 2006. Multiferm offers many meats (pork, beef, lamb, poultry, veal, homemade cold meats, large choice of barbecues) and vegetables from peasant agriculture. These local products come from peasant agriculture in in order to provide you with the best.

The oxen or heifers are of Limousin, Charolais or Blonde d'Aquitaine breeds, the calves are raised on the milk of the cows of the farm, the pigs are raised on straw, the lambs are raised on grass, the poultry are raised in the open. air, dairy products, fruits and vegetables are produced locally and by craftsmen ...


Pisciculture La Belle Fontaine

Horticulture Debauges

Crémerie du Plateau

Fromagerie Germain

La fraîcheur du plateau

Matos Fiesta

La brûlerie de Saint Louis à Rimaucourt

Le Muid Montsaugeonnais

La Longeoise

Roger Flocard pour le cassis

Ferme la gauloise pour la farine

Les champs du destin pour les pains bio

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